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    Good quality photos of Paul McCartney (requested)

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    Orgasms! Orgasms for everyone!

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    look at this hand skjdhsh

    these fingerss alskdaklsd

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    Germany, 1966

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    The very first color photograph ever taken of The Beatles. Snapped by the brother of the 15 year-old young man third from the left. That’s right. When this shot was taken by Mike McCartney, George was 14, John was 17 and Paul was 15. (The lad on the right is a friend of the McCartney’s cousin). They were playing at a wedding, in 1957.

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    70’s Paul dressed as Beatle Paul, love it.

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    Some of my favourite pictures of John (◕‿◕✿)

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    The Beatles at the Queen Victoria Monument, Derby Square, Liverpool, then and now… photographed on 19 February 1963 by Michael Ward and set against the location fifty years later.

    Snapped by thateventuality; more from my journey here. :)

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  13. "George was in the thick of an interview with a reporter from a musical paper, and I could not interrupt it, but when it was over I was introduced to him. Mrs. Shenson told him that he is my fave Beatle, and he pretended to go all shy, and hid his face in his jacket! George is a lot quieter than Paul, and he also looks better ‘in the flesh’ than on paper. He is, in addition, fab, gear, great, and… oooooooooooooooooo!!! (CENSORED)!"
    — Elizabeth Sacks, a fan who visited the set of A Hard Day’s Night, in her report about the day for The Beatles Book monthly, June 1964 (more of the story here). (via thateventuality)

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